Ecommerce SEO

What Is It About?

People are obsessed with online shopping given all the comfort and ease it provides. There is a rage of bringing all sorts of businesses online. Even if you are having a physical business, maintaining a website would get you more customers hence increasing your sales and revenue. It’s always a good idea to showcase your products online so that your consumers have an idea about your products, services, cost and customer engagement.

Given that you have or want an ecommerce website, you need to maintain it pretty well for its optimum usage. Ecommerce SEO is more complex than a Blog or a website which sells just a particular product. Ecommerce websites have too many pages. The categories have to be specifically defined, the products need to have details and it should always be easy to use. You can’t afford to have a website with broken or missing links. You will only lose your customers if it ever happens.  


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What Is All In There?

Ecommerce SEO is complex mainly because of the intricate design of the website. Also, there is a little too much competition in the market with ecommerce giants like Amazon. If you want to stand out in a cut-throat industry you need to do your website and SEO optimization very cleverly. You have to rank higher than your competitors on the Search Engine. You need to understand the tricks to get more clicks so that you don’t miss out on your potential customers. If you are planning to start a new website then you need to take us in consideration. The architecture of an ecommerce website is much more complex than usual websites and blogs. There are millions of products available, each with its own specifications. In such a case we will help you with a website which is not only user friendly and attractive but also ranks higher on the search engines. In another case, if you already have a website and plan to revamp it, then you cannot risk any sort of mishap. If any link goes missing or broken then you have a huge chance of losing your customers for an out of order website.

How Do We Do It?

Whether you are starting a new website or upgrading your existing website, we will help you in stepping up your SEO games with our well researched techniques. Our tried and tested methodologies will help you in reaching the top rank and stay there.
  1. Keyword Research: We will get you well researched keywords to make your website user friendly and rank it higher on search engine. Your website needs specific keywords for each product and product pages. We will use keyword targeting and page optimization to make each page to make it a highly related to the search.
  2. Website design: Ecommerce site’s architecture is complex because of the high number of category and product pages. The way these categories are organised and laid is important for the website’s optimization.
  3. On Page SEO: On page optimization includes fixing the category and the product pages on the site. It will directly affect the traffic and sales of your business. The more specific and clear descriptions you have on your product pages / categories, there are more chances to have a consumer who makes the purchase. It includes the product details, authentic reviews and answered queries related to the product.
  4. Technical SEO: Since there are way too many pages on an ecommerce website, they tend to need more technical assistance than a regular website. To manage and optimize all these pages you need to take help of technical SEO. If you have your technical SEO in place, then it might take you to the top rank on search engine.
  5. Content Marketing: Search engine analyzes every detail on your website. It means if you have more details and keyword on your site then you have a higher chance of standing out than your rival. We will provide content to not only your product pages but your blog as well. It will give your website a higher visibility.
  6. Link Building: Publishing good content which has a considerable word count will massively help you in link building. Similarly we will create links for you which point directly to your website. It will give boost to your product pages and categories in search engine.