Small Business Package

What Is It?

Startup has been the buzzword of the market in past few years. It is a business in its initial years handled by a handful of people, having no obvious solution of problems and no guarantee of success. Besides the crazy idea and passionate souls you will need finances to implement your idea, along with a hell load of assistance in almost every part of the business.

Being the owner of a brand new business can overwhelm you with the digital marketing options in the market. To choose what is suitable for you and your business is usually not an easy decision. Just getting an aesthetically pleasing website is not enough. An informative and user friendly website will not get you visitors. There is a lot more to be done to attract and convert your visitors. You need to be updated and have exclusive qualities in order to survive the competition. If your customers are seeing your rival on search engine first or you are getting visitors and they are not converting then it’s time to consider our small business package.

Why Should You Be Interested?

If your website is getting overshadowed by your competitors then you need to reconsider your business strategies. You need a unique roadmap which is specific to your business products and needs. Otherwise your effort on the content and website would essentially be futile. You need to design marketing strategies which would outshine your rivals. Your visitors need to be attracted to your content/ services and next they are converted. Your website’s ranking has to be higher on the search engines through trending keywords and high quality novel content that has shareable value.


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You need to have the advancing technology in mind while getting your website design created. It should be compatible with all with operating systems and browsers. It should be able to work efficiently on all sizes of screens.


The flexibility of digital media has to be kept in mind on order to accomodate all kind of changes as per the demand. Website needs to be user friendly which can be updated regularly to match the requirements of the market.


The goal and theme of each business is unique. The USP of the business should also reflect in the website design and marketing strategy. That ways users will be able to connect with the brand and conversions will happen.


Everything that has been written on the website or the services/ products to the content that is getting you high number of conversions will be your own. You will be the owner of each kind of data related to your business.

How Do We Do It?

We are a full service digital marketing services which provides end to end marketing solutions for small and medium size businesses. Our in-house team of professionals will do everything for your business including a deep analysis, research, and evaluation. After all these steps you will get a personalised roadmap for your business which will be implemented to manage your digital marketing drive. From social media to search engine optimization, every step of digital marketing has to be monitored thoroughly by experts who understand your business just the way you do. Your position as an expert in your service has to be reinforced with smart marketing tactics. We offer following services which can be customized and combined for an efficient marketing strategy:

  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing/ Email Marketing
  • Performance analysis & reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Designing/ Analytics
  • Content Marketing