Website Audit

What Is A Website Audit?

Your website is a digital presentation of your business and it should be maintained just like a usual business. A website needs to be analysed closely to get an understanding of its success (or failure). In order to improve your website you need to know how much traffic your website is attracting on a daily basis. How many people are visiting your website on a regular basis or are you experiencing any conversions or not?
Through the website audit you will get a detailed analysis of your website which would tell you about the visibility of your website. You will get a deeper understanding of the problems which will help you in the better optimization of the website. After a good web audit you will be able to work concentratedly on the problem areas of your website. This way your website will get a better visibility and ranking on the search engine. Your traffic will increase which would improve your sales and conversion rates.

Why Is It Important?

If your website is not generating any traffic and conversions then you need to get a website audit done. You need to know the complete report of various actions which are affecting your websites’ visibility. These reports will show you the issues with your website’s health.
Over the last few years there have been massive change in the search engine algorithms. Just using the keywords doesn’t help anymore in getting you a higher rank in search engine results. Today’s algorithm is way more complex and there are many factors which affect the popularity of your website. Website speed, responsiveness, content quality and authority are some of the very few factors which are used to decide the quality of the website. It’s not possible to every business owner to decode these dynamic search engine criteria. That is why our partners trust us when it comes to website audit. You can get a site audit done in following situation:

  • Your website is not visible on search engine
  • website design needs updation
  • Investment in marketing strategies
  • Loss of traffic, conversion, ranking
  • To have a deeper understanding of your website

How Do We Do It?

Each of our site audit is custom performed to suit your custom requirements. We analyse each part of your website manually to accomplish a site analysis specifically related to the demands of your business.
A website audit will help you in recognizing the factors which are preventing your website from higher ranking and visibility in search engine. It’s an important step to do before investing money in your digital marketing channel. If your website is healthy, it will provide a foundation for every other online and offline promotional activity.
A website audit is not an easy task. Our experts spend days in reading and decoding your websites and all the causes which are affecting the its visibility. Every site is unique according to the requirement of the business. That’s why each website audit is also unique as per its requirement. In general e use following criteria to run a detailed website audit:

  • Technical audit
  • On-site audit
  • Off-site links audit
  • Social audit